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Wise foundation was informally started in 2018 but was officially registered March 2023.
WISE focuses on the role women can play in climate change advocacy, preservation and conservation. Women in our daily life play a pivotal role in energy consumption especially home consumption. WISE comes to champion and rally women to mitigate our traditional use of energy to be switched to clean energy.

Human wellbeing is closely linked to the health of the environment. Around the world, 24% of deaths can be traced back to avoidable environmental factors, according to the World Health Organization. People need clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and places to live that are free of toxic substances and hazards.


Our activities are governed by our objectives.

Empower Women & Youth

To empower women and youth through mentorship and entrepreneurship coaching to find livelihood options using environmental resources.

Sensitize on Environment

To create awareness, educate and sensitize our global community about a sustainable environment.

Discourage Deforestation

To discourage deforestation through alternative job creation using afforestation in our communities

Clean energy promotion

To encourage clean cooking and clean energy in our communities.

Low-carbon energy sources

To introduce the use of sources of energy with minimum carbon emission.

Capital for Women & Youth

To improve access to financial and other forms of Capital for Women and youth by establishing new environmentally friendly businesses.

Women's environmental participation

To advocate for a higher level of participation of women in decision making and implementation of environmental conservation governance policies.

Use Media For Sensitization

To use media literacy, personal leadership skills, financial literacy and technology to advocate and sensitize the communities using social media, print and visual media platforms on environmental preservation and conversation matters.


International Clean Day

Extreme weather events caused by changing climate A clean environment is crucial for several reasons, as it has a profound impact on our health, 

well-being, and the sustainability of life on Earth.

 Here are some of the key reasons why a clean environment is important

Climate Change Mitigation: Pollution and the release of greenhouse gases contribute to climate change. 

A clean environment with reduced pollution helps mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing emissions and supporting sustainable practices


Mission, Vision, Goal & Purpose

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WISE Foundation Team

Abubakari S. Rajabu

Managing Director

PhD (UDOM), MEd (Wales UK), BSc(UDSM) Environmental Assessor & Auditor

Susan Nelima

Legal Secretary

Hilton Law Group

Fadhili Kilewo

Petroleum Geo-scientist

Mwanji Yohana Mhaka

Project Engineer

Licensed Civil Engineer

Remmy Male

Board Member

Founder/Executive Director (Women Of Valor) Founder/Executive Director (Jamboree et Rendezvous) Business Incubator

Prudence Masako


Country Director (CARE Tanzania) , Mentor/Board Member (Kofi Annan Global health) , Leadership Fellow (Ford Foundation International)

Note from the Founder,Chair Person,Co-Founder
Extreme weather events caused by changing climate conditions are affecting many communities in Africa. Livelihoods have been destroyed, food security affected, communities have been displaced and the overall security of the African people is at stake. Our work builds on tapping into Africa’s unique capabilities and capacities such as huge renewable energy potential, and youthful population, co-creating and enabling environments for investments in fostering resilience to the problems presented by climate change impacts.
Dorica A. Mwanji
Women are given the ability of, not only bearing children but also to raise them. Just like Mother Earth, women are naturers. Through Wise foundation, we will coordinate and co-operate with other women in our community and the world at large to join our Mother Earth, in adopting Environmentally sustainable practices and advocacy strategies. The key areas to emphasise are:- Environment, social and governance policies to preserve and conserve our climate and create a better place to live by supporting the health and well being of our ecosystems.
Violetsuzan M. Kilewo
I wanted to take a moment to express how proud I am of the work we are doing at WISE to empower women to protect our environment. Women have always played a critical role in managing natural resources, and their knowledge and expertise are essential in ensuring a sustainable future for us all. Through our partnership with women, we are providing education and support to empower them to preserve the environment. Our goal is to impact women’s understanding of the natural environment and, in turn, the effects the environment has on their health and well-being. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in protecting our planet and promoting the health and prosperity of women around the world. I want to thank all of our members for their dedication and commitment to this important cause, and I look forward to continuing to work together towards a better future for all
Emelda Mwamanga